Frequently Asked Questions

What does WRKS do?

WRKS matches eager and skilled job seekers with local employers in the construction and real estate industries.

What was the inspiration for creating WRKS?

We noticed that businesses in the construction and real estate industries are challenged to find enough qualified people at all levels. And we noticed that many young people have a tough time finding their first few jobs in a promising field. We thought, "What if we helped the businesses to see the value of hiring young people? And what if we helped young people find all sorts of professional opportunities in a satisfying, meaningful, and growing industry?" WRKS brings these two groups together for everyone's benefit.

How does the process work?

Job seekers can build their profile with their education, experience, field, and type of work. Employers search for candidates who best match their needs. Employers can save lots of headache and time by coordinating and collaborating with the entire hiring team in real time. When an employer requests a connection, and the job seeker accepts this request, then a chat window opens, allowing the hiring conversation to begin - essentially an informal interview.

Does WRKS track my location?

WRKS will ask for your location in order to match you with local employers / job seekers. You can disable this in your phone settings at any time.

Is WRKS an employment agency?

WRKS is not an employment agency, nor is it a recruiter or placement agency.

How much does WRKS cost?

The current launch version of WRKS is free for all users. A paid version will be available for employers once the launch period is complete.

The app only lets me pick one role. I think I could qualify for several different roles.

Employers will be able to find you because they can make broad searches across areas and roles.

I’m hiring for a construction/real estate position, but the role isn’t listed in WRKS.

Please contact us at team@wrksapp.com - we appreciate your feedback.

Is it all hard hats and orange vests?

No, not at all! There are lots of opportunities for people to work on site, in the office, and both.

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